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Zero Tolerance

Any event Reyvas Events works on or associates with must abide by a zero tolerance policy against sexual, homophobic, misogynistic, racist or derogatory abuse, harassment or comments. Simply put, we support human rights for everyone and our events promote those rights. 

Collaboration over Competition

Each project, brand, business, individual and event add different and unique perspectives and value which is why we believe strategic collaboration is more important that competition over market share. Our focus is always finding the unique opportunity to offer new value to all participants of the event ecosystem. 

Respect Other's Time

In the same way we value human rights, we also respect an individual's time. This means taking the extra time to create a holistic event experience that adds value to each member involved in the process from attendee to host and everyone in between.

Emphasis on Growth

Taking a holistic approach to events means we look at the big picture and long term goals of an event. We strive to make recurring and growing event opportunities for brands to continue to benefit from years down the road. 

Focus on the Unseen

It is just as important to view the data behind a brand and an event to help to better understand who an event will cater to and attract. We believe in analytics before, during and after an event with a thorough examination of the data. These studies help to improve our client's brand and our services.

Dedication to Innovation

There is no such thing as a perfect event, so even with the most well executed events we are always looking for areas of improvement and ways to add value. This means we are dedicated to constantly researching industry trends and new ideas to lead to better innovation.

Harvesting Creativity

Our view is that any event is a work of art and being open to new viewpoints and ideas is what harvests creativity. 

Learn more about who we are and what we believe by checking out our About page or drop us a line below!