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Whether you are curious about hosting or already in the middle of planning an event it never hurts to have a second set of eyes. To help better understand your specific needs I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to gather a better understanding of your current event needs. After that I offer a general summary of how I may be able to help based on your budget and scope of work requested.


One of my favorite ways to help brands and businesses is by introducing them to the world of events as a method for reaching overall goals. Even if you already have an established event, I can work to revitalize your current event to increase revenue and value for all involved. We can discuss how your company can benefit from a new outlook on events. 

Creation & Revitalization


In order to have continuous growth and increase value for attendees it's important to utilize sponsors and collaborators. We will take a look at your current event model and see how these forms of partnerships can help you reach your event goals more efficiently and also adding to your overall event experience. 

Sponsors & Collaborators


Tell me about your event!