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Carlee Reyvas

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Over the past decade I have worked with a wide variety of organizations in almost every type of event imaginable. I began my career in the wedding industry where I embraced the beauty and connections an event could create. Wanting to experience another side of the industry I moved to educational and corporate events which helped hone in on my business and management skills. After managing everything from board meetings to multi-day conferences I decided to challenge myself further and become a freelance event manager in the United States. After a few years of consulting, my spouse and I had the opportunity to relocate to Toronto, ON and begin a new chapter in our lives. I've avidly been exploring the eclectic city, interacting with stunning individuals/ brands and researching everything imaginable about our new home of Toronto. I am grateful to be able to relaunch my consulting career in a new country and to contribute my talents to improving local and national events.


For every project I work on I try to pull from my love of the natural world and deep appreciation for artistic and scientific endeavors. The books I read help to create captivating event/brand stories. Having an admiration of a variety of artistic mediums translates to creative experiential sponsor opportunities. My appreciation of science both helps to implement success measurements and push the boundaries of what is possible. The wonders and patterns of nature lead me to view how each aspect of the event plays a vital role and to understand the importance of sustainability. 

Passion for Events

My passion for events began over 15 years ago with the simple idea of creating a place where people could come together and add value to their lives. That idea bloomed into a career and constant source of research. For each event I am a part of I focus on utilizing my knowledge to create innovative events that add value through entertainment, education and collaboration. 




Holistic Viewpoint

Reyvas Events believes that events are more than spreadsheets and checklists and take a holistic approach to planning. A cohesive Event Ecosystem begins with a clearly identified story and meaning that is used to build and guide each aspect of the project. 

Value Cultivation

Value is viewed as a measurement for all members involved and works off the basic principles of collaboration over competition. Attendees, Sponsors, Vendors and Brands (host business) should all receive value from their involvement in the event. 

Measures of Growth

The success of an event should be measured in the growth of revenue, exposure and future opportunities. To accurately show this growth detailed analytics on a variety of performance parameters should be evaluated.